JCI Eko, Kabiyesi of Bariga/Shomolu and Stakeholders launched #VoteRight4Peace Campaign in Lagos

On Sunday, 6th of January 2019 – Junior Chamber International (JCI) Eko, brought together Key Stakeholders in Lagos to launch its #voteRight4Peace Campaign; an initiative to promote an inclusive and peaceful election targeting people at the grassroots to commit to peace before, during and after the election.

The event featured a panelist discussion between Election key Stakeholders and an audience of 113 participants drawn from the local community to discuss about the current political situation in Nigeria and how to achieve peace during the election with the theme: “Achieving Peaceful election in Nigeria: The role of all sectors of the Society”.

The president of JCI Eko, Gafar Olorunleke Odubote, explained that electoral violence is one of the greatest obstacles to peace in Nigeria and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Eko is uniting every sectors of the society to achieve peaceful election in Nigeria and also aligning with SDG 16 – to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

“The aim of this campaign is to ignite a joint effort from all the sectors of the society using advocacy and stakeholders’ engagement to sensitize people at the grassroots on how to participate in the election without causing violence. The purpose of today’s stakeholders’ engagement is provide all stakeholders with full opportunities to share their views, needs and knowledge on how to achieve peaceful election in February and March 2019”

The president believes that young people have the power to impact their community positively by participating in the 2019 election and also inspire their community to vote right for peace. “The Nigeria elections is close at our doors and as young people we should engage and influence all the election players to commit to peace and the people must go out to vote for the candidates of their choice.”

One of the key Stakeholder at the event is the Kabiyesi of Bariga/Shomolu. HRM Gbolahan Timson Badru stated that all hands must be on deck in order to achieve an inclusive and peaceful election in Nigeria.

“The institution of governments, political parties and the people must understand and respect the rule of law. Everyone must ensure transparency, accountability and good governance in their respective endeavors.” He added that, “people must not sell their votes during the election and they must not allow themselves be used as instruments of violence during and after the election.” Gafar Odubote emphasized the need for unity and love in Nigeria towards achieving a peaceful election.

“I urge everyone to stand for what’s right and be a responsible citizen.” He added that, “everyone must unite to act for a peaceful society by ensuring peaceful coexistence, developing positive attitude to governance and abiding to the rule of law. It starts with every individuals committing to do what is right in unity and love.”

“To achieve sustainable development and particularly the targets and commitments set out in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), will require not only action by us or the Government but all individuals across society.”

In attendance also is the representative of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) from Abuja, Mr. Uge Timipanipre; a representative from the Onigbongbo LCDA, Mr. Faith Omoletu; a representative from INEC – Mr. Adekola James and members from the community resident associations.

Urgent Cause: #voteright4peace